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Eco-Friendly Products

Our Partner Company is a world leader in the consumable products industry, manufacturing and offering directly to consumers an amazing line of products that are safer and more effective than commercial brands.

We offer products that are environmentally friendly and more economical than the national brands. Products that will provide you with better health, a safer non toxic home and a better value for your dollar. Products that every family uses and buys every day.

Our company offers products that range from household cleaners to pet care, from bath and personal care to cosmetics and skin care products, from pharmaceutical products to nutritional and health products and much more, constantly introducing new products. Products that are better than grocery store brands, without the side effects, backed by scientific data and research and a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

Successful Company

With over 500 products, our Inc. 500 company has annual sales of more than $2 billion and is the largest ONLINE WELLNESS shopping club in North America


Reliable Business

Our business model makes it possible to improve your financial well-being, by providing a step-by-step plan to create residual monthly income while helping other


A Business That Last A Lifetime

Ihave been a part ofthis company for several years andam so grateful that Ihave found this wonderful way of life. It meets every aspect of what's importantto me; physical wellness, financial wellness, personal wellness and environmental wellness

- Mary Valles

I worked for a large health club chain and I loved what I did, but my job left no extra time to focus on building a family. I chose to hang up my Corporate America hat and stay home with my newborn.

- Leah & Michael Bates

I looked for a way to stay home with our children, I tried the party plan route and starting my own business from scratch. Both caused us to go deeper in debt. Then we were introduced to this unique manufacturing company that would rather partner with people like us than pay corporations to get the word out about their brands.

- Mike McFarland


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