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We partnered with one of the leading Consumable Products Company that has been in business in the United States for more than 3 decades.

In our business you will need:

• Minimum Investment

• No selling, no inventory to carry or delivering product

• No collecting money or handling orders

Our company takes care of:

• All orders, inventory and product delivery

• Billing and collections

• Customer care with a 100% money back guarantee on all products

• Offers a first class corporate website

As our partner you will also receive:

• Training, mentoring, coaching.

• Marketing tools to promote your business in person and on-line

• Corporate support

• The most generous compensation plan in the industry... and much more

We have created a business model in which anyone with a strong desire to succeed can utilize their existing skills to achieve their financial goals.

Successful Company

With over 500 products, our Inc. 500 company has annual sales of more than $2 billion and is the largest ONLINE WELLNESS shopping club in North America


Eco-Friendly Products

Personal care, beauty, dental, home care, for children, vitamins and supplements, weight management, healthy snacking, sports nutrition and much more!


A Business That Last A Lifetime

I have been a part of this company for several years and am so grateful that I have found this wonderful way of life. It meets every aspect of what's important to me; physical wellness, financial wellness, personal wellness and environmental wellness

- Mary Valles

I worked for a large health club chain and I loved what I did, but my job left no extra time to focus on building a family. I chose to hang up my Corporate America hat and stay home with my newborn.

- Leah & Michael Bates

I looked for a way to stay home with our children, I tried the party plan route and starting my own business from scratch. Both caused us to go deeper in debt. Then we were introduced to this unique manufacturing company that would rather partner with people like us than pay corporations to get the word out about their brands.

- Mike McFarland


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