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To Achieve Financial Wellness


So you can Finally Get It Right!


So you can Finally Get It Right!

Successful Company

With over 500 products, our Inc. 500 company has annual sales of more than $2 billion and is the largest ONLINE WELLNESS shopping club in North America


Eco-Friendly Products

Personal care, beauty, dental, home care, for children, vitamins and supplements, weight management, healthy snacking, sports nutrition and much more!


Reliable Business

Our business model makes it possible to improve your financial well-being, by providing a step-by-step plan to create residual monthly income while helping others


Necole Livingston

We went from the worst of times to living the time of our lives - over night!

I left Corporate America completely burned out. Missed many "firsts" with my babies and I was making 6 figures while STILL living check to check!

I went from Systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disk pain and flare up's to my rheumatologist saying he doesn't need to see me because he no longer see's the chronic disease in my lab reports, x-ray's, or MRI's!

I went from bi-annual recommendations for back surgery to climbing Stone Mountain every week with my children! My children went from steroid creams, shot, eczema, and allergies to full confidence, and enjoying their childhood to the fullest! All this - practically over night!

Hi I'm Necole! Founder of an online school, published author of 3 books, and a single mom to a home schooled 9 & 11 year old. I am a retired educator, living healthier than I have ever felt in my entire life, because of this blessing I'm sharing with you today.

I have my MS in Lifestyle Medicine because I believe in whole body health and teaching other's how to heal their human using plant based solutions. I'd probably be sceptical too if I hadn't experienced first hand, over night results I had never received before using and of those national brands - but it's unedniably true! 

No more swollen knees, ankles, feet. 

No more tramadol, plaquenil, and steroid shots or pills. 

No more back pain, feeling like a train wreck by Friday.

No more sneaking into my kid's rooms at night to lather them up with Aveeno, Lubriderm, Eucerin, and steroid creams to stop them from itching their skin so much they would bleed :(

We are blessed to have many "no more's" and it's because of our shopping club! And when I heard the worst news my dad has ever spoken, I knew the shopping club was the biggest blessing to all of our lives. 

My mom was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and doesn't smoke! She instilled in me that "cleanliness is next to Godliness", and always, ALWAYS kept her home emmaculate. I watched her clean with those national brand toxic cleaners all my life and I thank God she converted her home months ago to our eco-friendly product lines. 

The cleaners she used are all linked to cancer - lung cancer to be exact. We believe with our hearts and soul national brand cleaners are the reasons behind the health conditions that plagued our family - through generations. 

NO MORE! We say NO!

We refuse to be despondent, we choose to educate and be sure people know about the blessing a friend shared with us. 

Our plant based shopping club changed our lives and we believe; as they continue to enahnce the lives of those they touch, by helping people just like you reach their goals - you will be overjoyed and blessed by them as well! 

No matter your stressors, financial, health, lifestyle - our shopping club provides solutions to disaster proof your family's health and income.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,

Stay safe, healthy, and blessed!

Necole & family 

Clear Benefits

Help yourself while helping others achieve good physical health, mental health and financial wellness!

- Let us introduce you to the largest online wellness shopping club in the USA

- Purchase online the products you use every day, but with higher quality and a better value

- Save time, get better pricing, compare products

- 100% money back guarantee... No risk!!!

- Receive up to $100 in free products just for being a preferred customer

- You may qualify for a 30 to 50% discount

- Look better, feel better... Live better, FIND OUT HOW

Achieve financial wellness joining the right company at the perfect time:

- Our Company is experiencing the most explosive growth in three decades

- We offer a simple proven way for you and every family to change their financial situation

- A business you can start in your spare time with minimum investment

- A way to generate a few extra hundred dollars every month or a way to create a life changing income stream

- A business for single moms, dads, teachers to engineers, people in corporate America... anyone with the desire to succeed can achieve financial wellness

- Have more time to spend on what matters most to you. Live the life you always wanted. FIND OUT HOW

What Some of Our Members Say

I personally used to work preparing over 400 tax returns annually. Being a mom of little ones while trying to run a midsized accounting firm was NOT working. I had been looking for a plan B that would allow me to earn the type of income I was accustomed to while still having time for my family..!

- Dora O'Connor

We made the very difficult decision to move away from the business that we knew so well and focused our attention and energy on a business concept that provided solutions that made sense in our lives. We partnered with a billion dollar manufacturing company and created a recurrent monthly income we can count on for our future.

- Jhonattan Walker

Joining this team allowed me to ditch my day to day job and now I have changed my life and my family's lives forever.

- Eloy Ortega


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